Dos and Don’ts to Homecoming

I go to Temple University and there is a new “Self Made Temple Made Philly Made” campaign. We students always say TU = Turn Up. So for two weeks leading up to homecoming weekend everyone was coming up with little phrases such as “Temple Made me an owlcholic” (our mascot is an owl) and “Temple Made me Turn up.”  It is too easy to get carried away with all of the excitement during homecoming season so here are the dos and don’ts:

Do: Show school spirit. That’s what homecoming is all about so paint your face, wear your school colors, paint your car go all out because that’s what we do.

Don’t: Expect your professors to care. Some professors are awesome enough to take into consideration that you just want to have a good time but other don’t care and while still assign papers and exams. Don’t blow them off!

Do: Get drunk and have fun. “Its college” and “You only live once” are not just things that douche bags say to get you to stop being a big bore, its actually the truth. It will not kill you to take your nose out of the books for one weekend and have fun. This may be the last time in life that it is somewhat socially expectable (amongst your peers) to get wasted and be a moron so live it. At least do it for your kids they’ll want to hear about homecoming not physics exams.

Don’t: Go out with people you can’t depend on. Some people don’t realize they’ve drank too much until its too late and although it sucks to baby sit your friend a good friend always will. A bad friend will leave you and that’s dangerous so be careful!


Tips for college students on a budget

When my mother asked if I have to pay for laundry I told her frankly “Mom we have to pay for everything. I’m paying for the air that I’m breathing right now” and she responded “welcome to adulthood.” As young adults I think we’re all starting to realize why are parents make such a huge fuss over things like the amount of tissue we use. Here are a few tips those of you who cry why you look at you bank account or try to avoid looking at it all together.

  1. Chill with all the partying! After a semester or two its played out. You see the same faces, listen to the same music, and do the same thing week after week. I promise there’s more to life! Plus it gets costly, even if you’re just paying 3 dollars here and 5 dollars there it adds up! Seeing that most people don’t want to be seen wearing to the same outfit too frequently you end up wasting more money on party clothes. And then there’s the money you spend on alcohol or whatever else you pregame with. Save yourself some money and just go to the major ones (ie: back to school, homecoming, Halloween costume parties)
  2. Buy groceries! Instead of going to Mc donalds or a food truck on campus buy groceries and learn how to cook. And if you know how to cook teach a friend how to cook because you are both going to save a lot of money. The money you spend at restaurants for just one meal more than likely is enough to provide you with enough groceries for an entire day or two. So limit the amount of times you order pizza and get creative in your kitchen.
  3. Don’t buy books! I know this sounds bad but hear me out. Last year I purchased books for all of my classes and I probably actually opened 3. This semester I only purchased 3 books because I can tell which courses I’ll actually need to read for. Some professors give great notes summarizing the required readings and put them on blackboard so why should I buy the book? Go to class first and get a feel for your professor. If they’re already assigning things or talking about pop quizzes buy the book. Otherwise just put it off, if it turns out that you need it later in the semester you could always borrow a classmates or go buy it.
  4. Use coupons. I know coupon clipping can be tedious and it doesn’t really seem like you save much but every penny really does add up.
  5. Shop for scholarships! If you have good grades there is no reason why you shouldn’t be applying scholarships every year! Even of mom and dad pay for you to go to school a smaller bill means that they have more money in their pockets and maybe they’ll toss you an extra couple of dollars. There are tons of scholarships out there so stop being lazy and pessimistic and just apply!

Good Bye Summer!



Back to school time evokes a variety of emotions for students from anxiety to despair. Most social butterflies are ready to go back and see their friends but don’t look forward to the actual work. I personally look forward to it all!

My summer was amazingly well balanced! Seeing that I didn’t have a job I found time for adventure, romance, quality time with friends and family, and most importantly I relaxed! However, I couldn’t go one day without thinking about my future and worrying about whether or not I am on the right track. A question that I asked all to frequently was “am I wasting time.” I couldn’t begin to tell you how many adults have told me to enjoy being young and enjoy my freedom while I can. For once in my life I decided to heed to my elders’ warning and I slowed down. But its so hard to just chill out when your faced with the reality of a competitive job market. And this is the reason I am happily saying goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year. This year’s motto is “The sky’s the limit.” It’s very cliche but who cares? I don’t! Do you want to know why? Because I am optimistic and I honestly don’t care what pessimists have to say.

I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in the Geography of  Tourism with aspirations of being a travel writer. I don’t care if its hard to break into and I don’t care about the pay I just want to do what makes me happy. You can call me naive or childish but one thing I’ll never be is miserable 🙂

Cheers to a new school year! Work hard but make sure you find time to party and bullshit!

Natural hair/Loc Journey

Just about two years have passed since the last time I relaxed my hair and I am proud to say that I am done fighting with over-processed thin and damaged hair! I take my hat off to the women of color that can take care of and grow their relaxed hair because life with a relaxer was just too frustrating for me!

I honestly can’t say that my decision to go natural had anything to do with the idea that women of color who relax their hair are conforming to a European standard of beauty because of some deep rooted self hatred. One day I just realized that I had no clue what my natural hair texture was like and decided to stop relaxing my hair. My mindset was “natural hair is versatile and if I want to wear straight hair all I have to do is blow it out and flat iron or go to the Dominicans.” I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a difference because I had to blow dry and flat iron my relaxed hair anyways. Boy was I wrong!

Once my natural hair started growing in I realized that transitioning was more frustrating than managing my relaxed hair. Out of laziness I resorted to weaves, weave pony tails, and half wigs for the majority of my transitioning time. Then there was the “big cut.”

It was so liberating to be able to wash and go for once in my life. However, the romance didn’t last long. Blow drying and flat ironing was replaced with an equally long and tedious process, detangling and styling my thick coarse hair. I was washing my hair every week and gave myself two strand twists for about a month before I decided to lock my hair.

I started my locs August 17 2011.

And a year later I can honestly say that I absolutely love my hair. Locs are perfect for women that hate to do their hair because high maintenance is unnecessary. Sure there are women that retwist and curl up their locs every time they wash it but you don’t have to. When I want to make a good impression or look nice I do a bantu knot out for curls and pin up my locs. Otherwise I literally wash and go, no detangling!

Although there are a lot of women of color who feel as though all the hype over going natural is just a trend that will eventually lose popularity I am still proud of my decision to quit relaxing my hair. Furthermore, I am not ashamed to identify myself as a natural hair enthusiast. We are all beautiful regardless of our skin color or hair texture so why not embrace who you really are? I am not one of those naturals that think having natural hair makes you “more black” or in touch with your roots. However, if your relaxed hair is always breaking off and/or looks dry and unhealthy going natural is always an option and there are numerous women that can attest to the benefits of being natural.

#1 I don’t have to be afraid to get my hair wet!

Today’s Quote: “Remove the kinks from your mind not your hair”

– Marcus Garvey

Hello world!

Hello World 🙂

I am new to world press and somewhat new to blogging but…

I am documenting my thoughts, experiences and goals in life with hopes that they will encourage others to reach their full potential.

Today’s Quote:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the Greatest Accomplishment”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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